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A large house made of stone in the background, and a lake with some people on the bank in the foreground.
Trees with their orange, green and yellow leaves sitting on the riverbank of a large lake.

A perfectly landscaped 18th century garden

When we went to Hampton Court Palace, we visited William III's apartments. On the second floor, there was a window open showing us what William III would have looked out of his window to see. This is how I took this photograph.

A perfectly landscaped garden at Hampton Court Palace. On the path leading up to a big fountain, there are 3 people talking amongst themselves.
A weak bolt of lightning (which was quite strong at the time) on the left, the rest of it hidden by the silhouettes of the trees, middle and right.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice

One night, just as we were preparing to go asleep, we heard rumbles of thunder in the distance. A storm was coming. My sister looked outside my bedroom window, where you tend to get the best views should there be a storm (or any weather event, for that matter.)

Neither of us knew anything about how to photograph lightning, so we just waited until it struck and then held down the shutter. We tried with various settings, and eventually we got a very close attempt with this shot. (It's not big and obvious where the lightning is, but it's on the left and you can just faintly see it in the middle/on the right.)