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Buildings & Statues

A dark brown door sits in the middle of a room, with a stained glass window on the right.

The chapel at Arrundel Castle

Whilst we were in a rather large chapel in the grounds of Arrundel Castle, I saw a rather small and claustrophobic room with a door in it. I took a photo of it and when I got home, I edited it in Photoshop CC so it looked dark and gloomy.

A dystopian world

When I was going through my photos, I bumped into this one of a photo of (some) of the house at Chartwell. And I then opened it into Photoshop and below is the result. (It looks a bit like a prison than what used to be Winston Churchill's house.)

A medium-sized stately home located at Chartwell has been changed to look like something out of a dystopian film.
A Japanese-style statue where a woman holds her arms out as if she is doing yoga.


The statue in the centre of the picture was a piece by Jonathan Hateley at the Surrey Sculpture Society. He said (on the sign next to the statue that's not in the picture) that he wanted to "combine the story of Madame Butterfly, an opera I'd seen many times over the years, with the well-known cherry blossom of Japan."

Two statues in one picture

I walked past the first statue (the bronze one in the foreground) and saw the fossil one (the grey one in the background) and thought that the two combined would make a good picture. After many attempts at getting the right angle, I finally got the perfect picture.

The bronze statue was designed and built by Bernard Miles Peterson, and the fossil-like sculpture designed and built by Lou Sainty, both from the Surrey Sculpture Society.

A blue hand holds an apple with one bite.

She ate the apple

The entire sculpture was created by someone from the Surrey Sculpture Society and it was Eve looking to the right holding an apple.