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A goose chick wakes up from it's sleep, amongst many other chicks

A goose chick opens it's eye

Surrounded by possibly it's siblings, this goose chick opens it's eye and looks at the camera. It was taken from a distance using my telephoto lens.

One curious deer

Whilst walking along at Knole, I saw four or five deer grazing at a gap in the woodland. Curious, I fitted my telephoto lens to my camera and hid behind a large log. I sat there for a while, observing the deer and getting a few excellent photos.

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A female brown doe looks at the camera
A doe struts along and appears to grin at the camera

Just be cool

I didn't notice until I zoomed in on my iPod that I noticed that it that this deer looks like that it was grinning.

The alert robin

At Sissinghurst Castle, we saw a series of bushes, all bland of any leaves. There were many birds pirching on these bushes. When I saw this, I immediately walked away so I could put my telephoto (zoom) lens on without frightening the birds.

When I came back, the birds did not all fly away at once. In fact, they acted as if I wasn't there. So I kept pointing my lens at various bird(s) and hoped for the best. I was not properly able to see the results until afterwards but it was worth it.

An alert robin looks to the right of the picture
One small dog runs after another small dog

Run, doggy, run

I was with my family visiting other family members who have a dog (the one on the left). We were on the beach and suddenly, our dog saw another one of it's kind. They chased each other across the mainly empty beach.

The fight for survival

We were feeding the ducks some duck food we had bought and whenever I threw some out onto the small lake, the ducks were fighting over it. I threw some close to the riverbank and this is how I got this shot.

Two ducks fight over some food