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Tips on photographing deer (and animals like it)

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Tips on photographing deer (and animals like it)

February 4, 2018 | Top Tips | Tags: ,

I have photographed a lot of deer over the years and now is about the time I shared my top tips with you. So here is my three top tips on how to photograph animals such as deer.

1. Get them used to the shutter noise

When you first press the shutter, animals will naturally be afraid at what it is going to do to them. This is why you should press the shutter quickly 3 – 5 times when approaching them. This is so they get used to the noise and know it’s not going to hurt them.

2. Get close, but not too close

This may sound like an obvious one, but it is one of the essentials. Unless you’ve got an 800mm zoom lens (a very good zoom lens) and even then you need a tripod in order to stop the camera from shaking, you’ll need to get reasonably close to the animal(s). The longer you are close to the animals, the more they will trust you.

3. Move anyone noisy out of the way

Deer are easily frightened by loud noise, so it’s probably best, if you’re coming with noisy family members or friends, ask them to walk a little further away from you, the camera and the deer so they can’t be frightened.

4. Do not touch, feed or chase after the deer

Whatever you do, unless you have been given explicit permission by the landowner, do not touch or feed the deer. You won’t need to do this to get a good photo — trust me.

5. Make sure to have lots of patience

Your great photo probably won’t happen straightaway – it will take some waiting before the deer trust you fully and come over to investigate.

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