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A grinning deer

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A grinning deer

February 17, 2018 | Photography | Tags: , , ,

Looking back on the visit, my favourite photo was the one when the deer was grinning. I didn’t notice it was doing this until I looked at the photos on my iPod. But more on that later…

A distressed doe

I was waiting for my family outside the walls of the cafe. I was quite bored: there wasn’t anything interesting going on. That was until a doe (a female deer) came along. It seemed as if it had lost it’s way.

With my telephoto lens on, I decided I would get some good pictures of it. But people were stroking it, as if it was a horse, or even worse, a dog. It made me very angry to see this. There were clearly signs everywhere: don’t touch the deer. (If you do want to photograph deer, check out these top tips.)

Keeping my distance, I tried to take photos of it, but it was quite hard with everyone trying to take selfies with it. Eventually, it was surrounded, and, quite understandably, it pounced up at me. (None of my equipment was harmed, thankfully.) I then walked away.

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