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A leaf nestled within frosty grass.

One Cold Evening

A series of pictures taken during the early morning.

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Three people walking by

Hever Castle Trips

Since we got a membership for Hever Castle in March, I have photographed it throughout the four seasons.

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A red mushroom on the bottom of a tiny hill

Knole Visit

I have frequently visited Knole and I have taken some weird and wonderful photos.

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A female brown deer looks at the camera

My favourite
Oh deer...

These are photos of deer taken in early January.

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A red bauble on a Christmas tree

The Perfect Christmas

Christmas-themed photos I took during 2017.

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A tree and an orange/purple sunset

The Beautiful Sunset

These are photos I took of a beautiful sunset one winter's evening.

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My favourite images

A red mushroom sits in the middle of the lush green landscape

The Hill and The Mushroom

This is a photo on the estate at Knole. We were walking along and suddenly, I saw a red mushroom. I quickly crouched down, put the camera close to the floor and pressed that shutter.

When I saw the photo, I thought it looked like a scene out of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. So I put it into Lightroom CC and made the Vibrance higher.

He's watching you...

I ran along ahead of my family and I then saw this statue staring at me. I then went behind the statue, careful not to touch it. My family soon caught up, the camera focused on the statue and I then took this great photo.

A male statue (left) looks at the passers-by (right)
A green leaf sits in the middle of the frosty black ground

The last leaf

I was outside in the garden, staring at all the frost-covered items: grass, plants etc. But I then found a green leaf in the soil. I quickly got it onto the grass and took the photo.

Now, it didn't look like this when I took it. In order to make it better, I put it into Lightroom CC and changed the Exposure, Contrast, Whites, Blacks, Vibrance, Saturation and many other settings. I also applied these exact settings (I may have changed a few of the numbers to suit the individual image) to a few others.

My favourite One curious deer

Whilst walking along at Knole, I saw four or five deer grazing at a gap in the woodland. Curious, I fitted my telephoto lens to my camera and hid behind a large log. I sat there for a while, observing the deer and getting a few excellent photos.

A female brown doe looks at the camera
A bee sits on a purple flower


I was at Knole Park one summer inside the garden. There were many bees pollinating on the flowers. I couldn't get up close to the bees without them buzzing away, so I stood a metre away from the flower. A bee happened to land on it and I pressed the shutter, taking this extremely beautiful photo.

My favourite Just be cool

I didn't notice until I zoomed in on my iPod that I noticed that it that this deer was grinning.

A doe struts along and grins at the camera
A robin looks to the right of the picture

The alert robin

At Sissinghurst Castle, we saw a series of bushes, all bland of any leaves. There were many birds pirching on these bushes. When I saw this, I immediately walked away so I could put my telephoto (zoom) lens on without frightening the birds.

When I came back, the birds did not all fly away at once. In fact, they acted as if I wasn't there. So I kept pointing my lens at various bird(s) and hoped for the best. I was not properly able to see the results until afterwards but it was worth it.

Run, doggy, run

I was with my family visiting other family members who have a dog (the one on the left). We were on the beach and suddenly, our dog saw another one of it's kind. They chased each other across the mainly empty beach.

One small dog runs after another small dog
Daffodils surround a small white infrastructure

Happy Spring, everybody!

You certainly know when spring has arrived when the daffodils are in full bloom - despite snow slightly disrupting their growth early in March.

Scroll down to see more daffodil pictures.

A portrait fit for a daffodil

We were walking around the grounds of Hever Castle, and daffodils were blooming everywhere! I sat down on the grass and took this photo of a daffodil.

A daffodil (left) faces to the right of the picture
A tree (centre) has many daffodils growing below it

So. Many. Daffodils

A tree provides shelter from the elements to masses of daffodils.

Bluebells, bluebells everywhere

The bluebells expose themselves to the hot midday heat, whilst some sit under a tree. (You should know which option I went for when taking this photo!)

In the foreground, there are some bluebells in the shade and in the background, some expose themselves to the scorching heat.
A group of pink flowers surrounded by two buttercups

A beautiful combination of flowers

It was a beautiful day when I took this photo. A family member was holding the flower in the centre and put it down, taking a beautiful shot.

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A self portrait of me, which has a green-purple tone, edited in Lightroom Classic CC

A portrait of myself

This is a portrait of me taken by another member of my family. I edited it in Lightroom - hence the reason why it's got a green-purple tone.


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